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Last year we reported on a bold collaborative project which lit up the Wave scene.

Legendary producer YAMA “declared war” on other producers. This started a chain reaction that birthed an epic playlist which currently contains 107 tracks spread across four and a half hours.

The whole thing was a joy from beginning to end, and now things have kicked off again:

It’s impossible to describe how exciting this is. The Wave scene hinges on mutual aid and collaboration. Producers work together, support one another, and push each other to test the fences of their creativity. And as a result, we all get a fuck ton of great music out of it.

At the time of writing, there are three tracks on the new playlist.

Naturally, YAMA throws down the gauntlet with “THIS AINT A DRILL”. It wraps a solid trap beat around a Heavenly choir. It’s perfectly epic, like the dawn of a new epoch.

Canada’s Yedgar steps up next. “Hypnotiq Riddim” is steely, posturing grime. This is answered by “something weird and different” from w/out. “Santivara” is ambient and beautiful Wave. But there’s also something remarkably muscular about it.

Rather than just publish a round-up (like we did last time), we’ll endeavor to keep you posted as things unfold. If you want to check out Season 1, here it is:


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