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Twinkle Park – “Endless Summer Malaise!!!” [Synth Pop]

Do you ever listen to a song that you vibe with so completely? Everyone has that tune that strikes right at the heart of whatever’s going on with them. Sure this tends to shift depending on mood or circumstance. But goddamn is Twinkle Park‘s “Endless Summer Malaise!!!” a mood right now.

Twinkle Park appeared on the Pastel Wasteland playlist for October 2019. “Portrait in the Manor” was a buoyant gem. Both tracks are high energy, dense with interesting instrumentation and carry a contribution from vocaloid Megurine Luka.

“Endless Summer Malaise” also features vocaloid Eleanor Forte. But the main difference between the two tracks comes down to approach. Both are about exhaustion, with both your own life and the world at large. But “Endless Summer Malaise!!!” is more direct.

We open with:

“Waking up late in the morning, no good news, only bad opinions. Hell world! Hell world! I’ve lost all my hope for the place I live”.

Yeah. Yeah, that’s definitely something most of us can get behind. The malaise is longstanding, but 2020 really stepped up the game.

Coming home from late shifts and drowning in energy drinks. Watching exploitation movies because they mirror your feelings more than anything else. Obsessively checking notifications while looking at abandoned buildings (this one hit me hard). “Endless Summer Malaise!!!” is full of wonderful details that are both oddly specific and unsettlingly relatable.

But “Endless Summer Malaise!!!” is also a lot of fun. It’s drenched in irony, thanks again to the upbeat tone of the music the lyrics are mounted on.

Forte and Luka’s contributions are keenly realised. Their sweet but wholly unnatural voices provide hiccups. Bumps in the road. Taking you out of yourself, shifting the listener to a slightly different perspective.

It’s worth noting that Luka and Forte sound a little more optimistic. A little:

“I know you’ve got the best intentions. It’s why I’m here”.


“If you’ve got something up your sleeve, please, by all means I’d love to see it soon”.

Twinkle Park deserves far more attention. Their creative universe is vibrant and driven by pointed inspiration and the means to bring it all to life. No malaise can keep them down.

You can find Twinkle Park here:




Label – Pop Spirit

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