Them Lights – ‘Crimson Walls’ [Synthpop] ­čç▒­čç║

Luxembourg-based musician Sacha Hanlet AKA Them Lights presents the enigmatic ‘Crimson Walls’.

Straight out of a sci-fi fever dream, the track details a character who may have found out the meaning of life, and the tumultuous emotions that come with such a discovery.

Undulating synths, reminiscent of the Stranger Things soundtrack, bubble and burst in a sprawling soundscape, punctuated by rattling percussion and a heavenly vocal.

Totally absorbing and hypnotic, the track is a whirlwind, a force of nature sweeping through an electric atmosphere and taking no prisoners. Totally polished and punchy, this track wouldn’t be out of place in your favourite TV show or film, and I’m willing to bet that Them Lights will be a household name within five years or less. It really is that good…




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