The Top Ten Songs From The “Wave Dub War”

On March 24th friend of the site Palm Fires drew my attention to something. In the spirit of community, creativity and competition, wave producer YAMA had kicked off:

Life under self-isolation has increased everyone’s sense of detachment. Despite YAMA’s tone, what they started, their “war” is an incredibly positive and inspiring act of solidarity.

That so many tracks could be produced under such conditions is mind-blowing, because the resulting playlist includes some of the best electronic music I’ve heard.

At the time of writing, this playlist includes 138 tracks. Selecting ten was difficult, and it feels kind of unfair. But I want to give you a taste:


10. Tigereyes – “Wavedub (Response to Cali Cry)”

I mean, yeah, Tigereyes used Sailor Moon for the artwork. But this is an exercise in misdirection. While there’s a glittering, starry quality to it, “Wavedub (Response to Cali Cry)” drops into some vital drum and bass. A potent track which can’t be denied.


9. YAMA – “Bitch Im From The South WARDUB send for: M!NGO, Stonemist, Eone, Mr James”

Naturally, the opening salvo came from YAMA themselves. “Bitch Im From The South WARDUB” sets the general tone for the entire playlist. It’s abrasive grime, crackling with energy and an imposing aura. It rises and rises, building tension perfectly.


8. murkish – “Berzerk (Wavedub in Response To Tigereyes)”

murkish really wasn’t interested in fucking around. “Tigereyes. You asked for it. Here. I. Go.” One commenter clocked the 7/8 time signature (much to murkish’s approval). It’s far from the only impressive thing about this track.


7. livepigeon – “Eurodance Pokkoe”

“Eurodance Pokkoe” distinguished itself by adding, well, eurodance to the roster. livepigeon threw a pulsing bass in there, but overall its high energy is what carries it through.


6. BONES – “HollisterJeans” [Sidewalks and Skeletons REMIX]

It was exciting to see witch house legend Sidewalks and Skeletons getting in on the action. Despite being downbeat trap, BONES’ original version of “HollisterJeans” was already confrontational. “Fuck you and who supports you, they lying through their teeth”. Sidewalks washed it with a dark ambience, making it a perfect fit.



Colorado’s M!NGO was one of the first to fire back. “SOFTWAVE” is a curious title because, while it’s not as hardcore as many of the other tracks, it’s not light and pillowy either. A frenetic melody races across a meaty bass and grime strikes. It’s energetic future garage, and was also an easy pick for the latest Pastel Wasteland Playlist.


4. Beau – “Engaged War Dub (Response To Vacant)”

Unfortunately, Beau has stated that they probably won’t be keeping this up for long. Which is a huge shame. “Engaged (War Dub)” arguably makes the best use of any featured sample. Halsey’s “Without Me” has been chopped, screwed and perfectly recast as a defiant slice of witch house.


3. Palm Fires – “Murder Machine”

Let’s talk about the one who brought us to the party. Palm Fires is one of the best (and one of my favourite) discoveries I’ve made since joining Pastel Wasteland.

They’ve never been shy about exploring darker themes. And their preference for the AVANNA vocaloid adds something unique to the playlist. Her synthetic tones add an inhuman menace to proceedings.

“Please don’t fuck with me” she recommends. AVANNA wants everyone to know that she’s willing and able to end everyone.

“Are you scared of death, are you scared of me?” Yes AVANNA, yes I am.


2. Henryisdead x DJ Tekwear – “Psycho Dub (Response to Palm Fires)”

Okay, so Henryisdead is less of a pussy than I am. This is a short, sharp shot at Palm Fires. What’s really cool here is how Henryisdead hasn’t simply relied on the track itself to fire back. The artwork is very telling, and “#delet ur page” is a delicious swipe.

I think Palm Fires got the message:



I had no doubts about what number one was going to be.

One commenter talked about their goosebumps. “A Formal Death” is malevolent and creepy as fuck. It’s also hot, in a dark, psychosexual sense. The breathy vocals are as seductive as they are sinister.

My saying this has probably raised eyebrows, but you’re a filthy liar if you say you disagree.


The complete Wave Scene Wardubs Playlist is still running. Check out and support all of these amazing creators:


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