The Antipop MVMT – ‘Marian’ & ‘Birthday [Electro Pop/ Commercial] 🇺🇸

Today we have a double feature from US-based artist The Antipop MVMT, with ‘Marian’ and ‘Birthday’.


Soaring electronic soundscapes underscore an intimate, velvety vocal in The Antipop MVMT’s ‘Marian’.

The latest project of writer/ producer Ophelia X, the transportive atmosphere is punctuated by dynamic keys and resonant strings.

Intoxicating and hypnotic, the track comes together with vibrant flair.


Orphelia X aka The Antipop MVMT presents the 80’s tinged ‘Birthday’.

Shimmery synths underscore a burst of electronic energy, incorporating melodic keys and a riotous electric guitar.

Otherworldly and instantly catchy, the track is an exhilarating ride through sprawling soundscapes and ambitious production.

From the Press Release: 

The Antipop MVMT is the latest project of writer and producer Ophelia X.

“It’s been said that I came into this world singing. Having grown up in the California foothills, miles from the nearest town it isn’t surprising that I filled my days with make believe, attentiveness to my surroundings, and a deep desire to connect artistically. My childhood home was ripe with music and storytelling was central to our everyday interactions as a family. I began writing music when I was 8 years old and haven’t stopped since.”



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