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Spartan Jet-Plex – “Circle” [Premiere] 🇺🇸

We are proud to present another exclusive premiere from our friends over at Grimalkin Records. “Circle” is the lead single from Live, a rich, emotional album from Grimalkin’s founder Nancy Grim Kells (aka Spartan Jet-Plex).

Live will drop on September 13th. The date is hugely important to Kells for several reasons. Chiefly, it’s the tenth anniversary of their mother’s death. “Circle” is specifically about her. As they explain:

It’s a track about my relationship with my mom since her passing and processing her death over the last 10 years since her death. Today (August 28th) she would have been 78. Maybe it’s weird to think of having a relationship with someone after they die, but I do have one, and that relationship has continued to grow beyond the grave.

She was a huge part of my life. We talked every day. We were very close. She was my confidant, adviser, and best friend. She’s not physically here but my relationship with and to her has evolved since she died. In a very different way, I still seek her advice and confidence even if she can’t be there physically.

I was 17 when she was my current age. I had just graduated from high school in 1990. Throughout my life, during certain points of my life, I often think about where I was at compared to her when she was my current age or where she was at when she was age. I was 37 when she died, but still, she’s always been there in and in various ways.

I’ve always gravitated towards ideas around death and darkness and my relationship to life and death was altered when I lost her. She was like a lifeline and an anchor to me when she was alive. Since she passed, death and life’s relationship to death is almost all I think of creatively. Death in creativity and creativity in death. It gives me a certain sense of purpose in life and in death for me.

Live releases on September 13th 2020. Digital, vinyl, and cassette pre-orders are available from both Grimalkin Records and Spartan Jet-Plex’s Bandcamp.

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