SpaceDeath – “RealityInversion” EP REVIEW [Electro]

I recently realised something. We’ve never talked about SpaceDeath.

This is weird because this experimental electronic producer has had an impact on this site. Tracks by SpaceDeath have appeared on several of our monthly playlists. They’ve also been mentioned in other articles.

I think it’s time to throw a spotlight on them.

So let’s discuss RealityInversion. It’s a three-track “mini EP” that SpaceDeath put out as an experiment. It’s a proving ground for a couple of neat ideas. It’s also a neat introduction to their work overall.

“DemonsAurora” begins with a snippet of crowd noise. It’s brief, but it subtly builds anticipation. A vibrant acoustic guitar comes in, mixed with tones and effects recognisible to anyone familiar with SpaceDeath’s work. Some decent plucks appear and the accompanying piano keys give way to penetrating synths.

SpaceDeath splices many elements into “DemonsAurora” as it progresses. The lyrics are delivered via a multi-track Vocaloid, which makes things pretty trippy. Which fits because this song is an assault on the senses.

It’s not obnoxious or exhausting, but “DemonsAurora” does warp the world around you. Which is what they were going for. The song’s description mentions “Dissociation” and they (boldly) note that “I think if you had like synesthesia, you would get a seizure from this song.”

“DemonsAurora” is experimental trance. The lyrics spell out how SpaceDeath’s intentions were to “Split reality” and “Control Dimensions”. And yeah, they certainly did that.

The rest of RealityInversion isn’t as extradimensional. But the instrumentals “Comets” and “Twilights” are no less impressive.

“Comets” is simply gorgeous. A melancholic suite which invokes feelings of gentle, but unending rainfall. It’s built around beautiful keys, with orchestral elements like synth violins and flutes joining in towards the end.

“Twilights” is similar to “Comets”, albeit more expansive and closer to wave. Those wonderful keys carry over, but there are indistinct vocals of the kind you would get from future garage.

This one is tagged as “#soundtrack”, which feels right, because you could see this playing over end credits of an anime. Given SpaceDeath’s general aesthetics, this makes perfect sense.

As stated, SpaceDeath treated RealityInversion as an experiment. I treat it as a decent primer for their work. However there is so much more to them, and so much more to discover.

Songs akin to those on RealityInversion exist throughout their discography. But other styles (including but not limited to) trap and hip hop are in there too. Interestingly, no matter the genre, you always know a SpaceDeath song when you hear it.

Another thing which makes SpaceDeath so special is the mystique around them. The majority of artists in their vicinity maintain their anonymity. A lot of them are fond of anime aesthetics. But SpaceDeath teases us with idiosyncratic little details that feel so unique to them.

For example, the way they describe themselves in their SoundCloud bio:

I find little things like this captivating. I love it when an artist makes great music AND sends you down rabbit holes.

I am very confident in describing SpaceDeath as one of the brightest lights shining over our little sphere of music. And I encourage you to check out everything they have made.

You can find SpaceDeath here:







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