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Snow.Drift – “I’ll Be Leaving Soon” [Dream Pop]

In their Bandcamp bio, American musician Snow.Drift simply has “music is everything”. It’s a sentiment we can get behind. And honestly, life would be significantly improved if that were the case. Particularly in a year where everything else is horrifying garbage.

We don’t necessarily need shiny, happy, silly pop songs. Or fire-spitting social commentary. Sometimes you benefit from something which shifts the atmosphere around you. Which delicately invokes, and helps you engage with, deeper feelings you can’t always express. “I’ll Be Leaving Soon” – the lead single from their debut album Eyes Closed You’re Missing Everything – is a great example of this.

Like all of the best dream pop, “I’ll Be Leaving Soon” is both bewitching and grounded in genunine emotion. But while it is dream pop, but there’s also a infusion of trap. Part of this can be chalked up to Snow.Drift’s (and co-producer Rrarebear‘s) willingness to experiment and cross boundaries in order to bring their visions to life.

Additionally, “I’ll Be Leaving Soon” demonstrates the accessibility of Snow.Drift’s music. The beats, the harmonies etc…there’s a lot here for casual, mainstream listeners (and genre dorks like me) to relish.

There’s not a lot to look forward to. But we should take some comfort from the fact that artists like Snow.Drift are out there. If “I’ll Be Leaving Soon” is anything to go by, Eyes Closed You’re Missing Everything will be very welcome and possibly even a necessity.

Snow.Drift can be found here:



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Eyes Closed You’re Missing Everything will be released on November 6th 2020.

Snow.Drift was recently interviewed on Ryan’s Twitch channel. Check out the YouTube VOD here.

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