Siente (feat. Nic Hanson) – “On Guard” [EDM] 🇬🇧

If you’re looking for a little relief right now, then UK duo Siente have you covered.

“On Guard” is fresh EDM, brimming with summery, tropical vibes. We have no pool parties to attend, so it’s great that songs like this exist. Ones which bring blissful, care-free vibes into your life, if only for 3 minutes.

Guest vocalist Nic Hanson’s voice is smooth and perfectly suited to the light-footed music it’s working with. It’s especially effective when delivering a line such as “I know you like livin’ in the moment”. We need any moments like this we can get right now. So here’s a salute to you, “On Guard”.



Label: Humble Angel Dance


From the press release:

Over the last few years, Siente have delivered a steady stream of crossover dance
cuts, most notably 2019 singles Doubts and I Know Better which have clocked up
millions of streams between them.

Nic Hanson is a singer, producer, linguist and multi-instrumentalist from
Philadelphia, PA. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of fiercely unique characters
including Stevie Wonder, Benjamin Franklin and Anthony Bourdain, he writes songs
that blend soul, funk and hip-hop.

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