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Scarlett Taylor – “Black and Blue” [Synth Pop]

It’s always great to catch up with artists we’ve previously covered. Not only to help with further signal boosting, but it’s also a great way to reconnect with their work.

Case in point: Scarlett Taylor. I wrote about her Crystal Poles EP back in 2019. I described how it was “incredibly well-conceived” and “executed masterfully”. I also noted the complexity of it. Crystal Poles was engaging and thought-provoking and crackled with feelings of tension.

I also highlighted the different stylistic flourishes throughout. The dark pop of “Lakehouse” shared disk space with the funk inflected “July 2nd”.

Taylor’s latest single “Black and Blue” is definitely dark pop. It’s the story of a “bad boy running on the loose” and the destructive love between him and her. The trials of loving someone you have to pay bail for. Who leaves your heart beaten, well, black and blue.

Taylor wraps this story in deliciously sinister retro-pop production. Gated reverb, glittering synths combined with her rich vocals drop the listener into a deep well of emotion.

In many ways, it feels like a counterpoint to The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights”. Both are retro jams that capture the overwhelming impact your significant other can have on you. But while “Blinding Lights” is euphoric, “Black and Blue” is ominous. But no less engaging or worthy of your time.

You can find Scarlett Taylor here:

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