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SATU – “PLAY THE GAME” [Alternative Pop]

London-based singer/producer SATU is one of those artists who deserves far more recognition than they currently receive.

Far, far more, because they’ve been putting out exceptional gems for some time now. I’m a relative newcomer to their audience, as I was only introduced to them via January 2020’s UNHOLYTHINGS EP. But having caught that, I found myself eager to dive right back through their discography.

They are the very definition of a DIY creator. They handle everything from composition, performance, production, and artwork masterfully. Leading to a distinctive body of work that always hits the mark.

New single “PLAY THE GAME” is no exception. First of all, I love that cover art. Old school zine aesthetic, carnival motifs and that ominous little biohazard symbol. It perfectly sets the stage.

So what about that music? Well “PLAY THE GAME” carries serious punk energy without being full-on punk. It works compelling elements into a cohesive whole, without sacrificing the scrappy edge of bedroom rock.

Cool fuzz guitar licks and xylophone twinkles pull their weight alongside shades of electro-industrial and even a little d’n’b. Signal noise comes in towards the end, upping the tension.

SATU’s vocals always crackle with tension too. They can skip between delicate and raw, often times straddling both. It’s an intoxicating effect.

“PLAY THE GAME” is another winner from one of the indie scene’s best.

You can find SATU here:






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