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SANCTORVM- Interview with Lead Artist Marc Roig [Board Game/ Music]

Sanctorvm is a co-operative horror board game for between 2 and 6 players, with a sci-fi theme and accompanying retrowave OST. We talk to Lead Artist Marc Reig about the project and the journey to the final product. Sanctorvm has reached funding over on Kickstarter now, go and check out the game and more details through this link. 

PW: Hey guys! How are you doing?

Hi Rob, we’re good. A bit nervous of course, but feeling cool. Thanks for this interview.

PW: So talk to us about Santorvm. What excites you most about the release of this board game? What is going to make this project stand out in your opinion?

Well, maybe the most exciting thing about it is that we are aiming to live on designing games and other creative ideas and this makes us not just proud, but also encouraged to go on. About the project itself, there are a few things that tries to reach attention, but maybe, the work about duality (chaos/order, inorganic/organic, madness/sanity) and specially the OST vinyl are the most special parts of it.

PW: One of the most unique things about this project is “The Depth”- an OST soundtrack made by 12 artists across the world, which acts as a musical accompaniment to the game. What was it about this project that inspired you to create a soundtrack?

From the beginning there was this idea of making an ambient soundtrack for the game, using space dark sounds and obscure melodies. But one good day, Toni (Director of the project) decided to go further and so it begun the search of those 12 artists that would make those tracks for this OST. Also, we always loved music, from the hardest to the softest, so it was something necessary (:

PW: Retrowave, synthwave and the like are genres we are obsessed with at Pastel Wasteland. What influenced your choice to pick artists from this genre, as opposed to more mainstream electronic sounds?

Specifically Andrés (Storywriter) used to play retrowave while we were working, and it drove us into this ambient atmosphere that also infected the game, evolving it from its bones to its final being. From there it was all a synth party. With mainstream, it could be a better market option, but we knew that this is about what we like to do, and synthwave is maybe less known, but it is great.

PW: You have an exciting backstory to the board game, and a whole lore to be explored. Tell us about the process of coming up with all of the ideas, did you share the work equally or were each of you tackling separate aspects?

It all began with Toni and Andrés talking about sci-fi worlds and role-playing games, and little by little it grew into a full game, always backed with this lore we created during the years.When it comes to work, we use to meet all three of us (Andrés, Toni and Marc (Lead Artist)) and from there each work on our own thing. But the reality is that the one working unstoppable is Toni, doing also all the media, public relations and 3D mock-up works.

PW: What were your major roadblocks when it came to the process? Were there any challenges that were particularly tricky to overcome?

The first problem we knew we would find was the language barrier. We are Spanish and we knew there were loads of pages to be translated and this is a thing that we cannot do, but the day before launching we found a saviour angel called Emily that corrected all kickstarter text so the launching at least was perfectly wrote. Then, the biggest trouble will be convincing our backers that an indie small group of guys can make a really professional project like this one, but we have been working hard to reach this moment and we are confident about its ending.

PW: In this kind of industry, it can be tough to feel like you’re moving forwards sometimes. How do you battle these feelings when they come up, and do you have any advice to other people who might be struggling in a similar way?

Of course it’s not an easy moment, emotions change, one moment looks like everything is going on and growing, and the next second it feels a bit like drowning. We have just launched the kickstarter this Sunday and we know that things sometimes doesn’t go as we wish, so we are constantly on this emotional rollercoaster. The good thing is that we are all together supporting each other and it’s being a nice learning.

Sadly, right now, as long as we know, we are the only ones around doing this and having this feeling, so sometimes it’s like a lonely road where you can only speak to your fellow travellers. Saying that, this is being a good time.

PW: And final question! It’s more of an invitation actually. Use the next few sentences to tell us what you’re up to next, and where we can follow you online 🙂

In short term we are working on improving the kickstarter page and thinking about how we deal with backers questions and new stuff that we can offer to make it more attractive. From there, who knows the future, we will stick to this idea of get a living from our own pleasure and offer our stories.

To follow us search: SANCTORVM on Kickstarter, or

Thank you again, it’s been a pleasure.


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