Pastel Wasteland Film Festival is being held at the iconic No.6 Cinema in Portsmouth, nestled within the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Located in the Grade II listed Boathouse 6, which was built in 1846, the 275-seat auditorium boasts one of the biggest screens on the South Coast.

At Pastel Wasteland, we are all about supporting genre filmmakers, and are incredibly passionate (maybe even a little obsessed) with horror, sci-fi, and anything that makes our skin crawl. One of our key aims is to get work seen by the public, so unlike many festivals with an audience of almost exclusively filmmakers, we give submitters the opportunity to experience the thrill of everyday film fans seeing their projects too.

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1. What is Pastel Wasteland Film Festival? 

Pastel Wasteland Film Festival is a celebration of all things horror and genre films, and will be held on November 16th at No 6. Cinema in Portsmouth. The day will be made up of short film screenings from filmmakers across the world, followed by a premiere of a feature horror anthology film, produced by Pastel Wasteland’s production arm.

2. Who is involved? 

The team is made up of:

Rob Ulitski- Festival Director/ Founder of Pastel Wasteland

Thomas Byrne- Festival Director/ Founder of Familiar Stranger Films

Adam Nelson- Festival Director/ Founder of Apple Park Films

Bryony Copnall- Festival Director/ Social Media

3. How much are tickets, and what types are there? 

To make things as straightforward as possible, there is only one type of ticket, an all day pass which can be bought here.  This gets you access to both short film screening slots, the award ceremony to celebrate the winning filmmakers, and the premiere of locally-produced anthology film “I Am An Addict”.

4. Do I have to book slots? What if I only want to see the horror anthology premiere? 

You don’t have to book slots, the purchase of a ticket gets you access to the entire event, all day from 13:00pm-21:00pm. If you only want to come to the premiere (or indeed any other part of the day), you are more than welcome to, but there are no discounts or alternative tickets available for parts of the day. Also, we’d politely ask that you only arrive when doors open or in one of the breaks, so that disruption to the screenings is kept to a minimum.

5. Is there an age rating or any restrictions?

Due to content, this festival is only open to attendees over the age of 18, with no exceptions. In the case you turn up and look underage, we reserve the right to ask for ID, and if it is not given or you are found to be underage, you will be turned away with no refund. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. In terms of other restrictions, please note that the content during the day will deal with sensitive subjects, including drugs, sex, violence and themes of suicide, so please think carefully before purchasing a ticket if any of these may act as triggers, as there is no opportunity for refunds after purchase or on the day. We also accept no responsibility should you purchase a ticket and suffer any adverse effects from watching the content.

6. What happens at the festival? What is the structure of the day?

Pastel Wasteland Film Festival is a horror/genre focused day of screenings, at the No.6 Cinema. For anyone who hasn’t visited a film fest before, it is basically a day of screenings in a cinema, watching different films and meeting up with fellow film-lovers (as well as some filmmakers whose work is screening). The structure of the day will be made up of the following:

1) Two hours of short horror films, curated from across the world. This will be broken into two, one hour-long screening sessions, so everyone has a chance to get a drink/ something to eat/ have a cigarette in between.
2) Awards ceremony- This is a short celebration of the films you will have just been shown, with six awards going to the winning filmmakers.
3) “I Am An Addict” premiere- This is a screening of our feature-length horror anthology film. Made locally in Portsmouth, this film has eight directors who all tackled a different part of the film. This is 80-mins long.

7. How do I get there?

If you will be bringing a car, limited on-street pay & display parking is available, and The Harbour Car Park, The Historic Dockyard Car Park, and Gunwharf Quays Car Park are close-by. We would recommend travelling via public transport, just because of how convenient it is to get to the venue. No 6 is a 3-minute walk from The Hard bus/ coach station and Portsmouth Harbour Train station. Pedestrian Access to the Historic Dockyard is through Victory Gate on the corner of Queen Street and The Hard next to HMS Warrior.


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