Productivity as a Creative- Introducing Mark McGuiness

I like to keep up on creativity, whether that be through articles, blogs or videos. One author I discovered recently, Mark McGuiness, has changed my life. With three e-books, the lingering “what ifs” have all but vanished, and I already feel on a clearer path. I wanted to share Mark’s work not only because I enjoyed it, but because as a leading creative coach, Mark really knows what he’s talking about. It’s important to highlight here that Pastel Wasteland nor myself is receiving any kind of incentive to write this article, and we have no pre-existing relationship. This is all in the spirit of championing great work that I believe will be helpful.

Over on his website, Lateral Action, you can download the free “21 Insights for 21st Century Creatives”, which I wholeheartedly recommend. Start there, and I can ensure you you’ll be picking up his other books in a flash.

My New Book: 21 Insights for 21st Century Creatives

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Find information on Mark’s coaching here. Image copyright Mark McGuiness/ Lateral Action. 

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