Primo the Alien – “Sexual Safari” (Charity Single) [Synthwave]

Synthwave artist Primo the Alien released “Sexual Safari” today. It’s important to get information about this track out there as quickly as possible. The track will only be available on Bandcamp for 24 hours. It will become unavailable on June 6th at 2am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).

Mirroring the enormous generosity of many artists at this time, Primo is donating 100% of the sales to a worthy charity – the Austin Justice Coalition. The AJC is a Texan charity dedicated to serving people whose lives have been impacted by institutional forms of racism for far too long.

The track itself isn’t political. It’s an appeal to, and celebration of, sexuality and love. Following your instincts and reveling in what it means to be alive. Despite the darkness swarming around us, it’s nice to have some respite. Even if it only lasts for four minutes.

It’s difficult for artists to know how to respond right now. Everyone is asking whether or not they’re doing enough. But doing what you can, giving what you can, is something to be commended.


Austin Justice Coalition

“Sexual Safari” on Bandcamp

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