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Pedroso & Pedrosa – “Maus Lençóis” [Premiere] 🇧🇷

Pastel Wasteland is proud to present the premiere of “Maus Lençóis”. It’s the first single from Brazilian duo Pedroso & Pedrosa’s debut album Procuram Quati (released on October 9th, 2020 through Grimalkin Records).

Procuram Quati translates as Searching Coati. The album follows a loose narrative about the duo searching for a local animal known as the Coati. “Maus Lençóis” is the perfect introduction to what Procuram Quati has to offer. It’s a genre-defying work that fuses elements of popular Brazilian music with avant-garde electronica.

Digital proceeds from this project will go towards Pedroso & Pedrosa’s future projects. Cassette sales will go to Agência de Notícias das Favelas.

ANF is an NGO that produces newspapers, events, and cultural projects made exclusively by people that live in Brazil’s favelas. People from these communities rely on their weekly newspaper A Voz da Favela, which is sold at a “pay what you can” price.

A Voz da Favela shares news from the perspective of people who live in the favelas. It challenges the dominance of the Brazilian News Agency, which presents news through the lens of conservative ideals based on many kinds of racial and social discrimination.

Procuram Quati is released on October 9th. Sales of the album’s vinyl lathes will go towards Grimalkin Records’ mutual aid fund.

Pre-orders are available from Grimalkin Records’ Bandcamp page.

You can find Grimalkin Records here:

Official Site




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