Pastel Wasteland Playlist – OCTOBER 2019 [Music]

Welcome back friends to the Pastel Wasteland Playlist. Here we showcase some of the best independent music we caught during October.

If you have any recommendations for our November playlist, hit us up in the comments. You can also find us over on Twitter.

Want to hear more from these great artists? Here’s where to start:

Wice – Bandcamp

CAU5ER – Bandcamp

Edith Crash – Bandcamp

Kero Kero Bonito – Bandcamp

Mnemosyne – SoundCloud

V/V – Bandcamp

Bethas – Bandcamp

Stonerpop – Bandcamp

Λrtonoise – Bandcamp

Miles Matrix – Bandcamp

The Illustrious Blacks – Bandcamp

The Eurythmic King of Nowhere – Bandcamp

Michelle Lewis – Bandcamp

Eyeshadow 2600 FM – Bandcamp

Twinkle Park – Bandcamp

Fluence – Bandcamp

Cotchi – Bandcamp

Ace Jinx – Bandcamp

Mental Discipline – Bandcamp

Hollowlove – Bandcamp

Tokuro_byond – SoundCloud

Sapphira Vee – Bandcamp

Staticca – Bandcamp

TWiNGE – SoundCloud

Notches – Bandcamp

Vylet Pony – Bandcamp


See you next time…

If you are an artist or label and would like music to be removed from this playlist, please contact us.

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