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Pastel Wasteland Playlist – NOVEMBER 2020

Welcome back friends to the Pastel Wasteland Playlist. Here we showcase some amazing music you may have missed.

If you have any recommendations for next month’s playlist, hit us up in the comments. You can also find us over on Twitter and Facebook.

Track Listing:

“On the Wave” by Hyjihn – [Bass Nation]

“RAPTURE” by Sh1n + Yasu

“Strike” by Trench x Willix – [Liquid Ritual]

“Pop Mystic” by Vinn Beach

“CITALOPRAM95” by Nihilist Jellyfish

“We’re All Pale On The Inside” by [LLAAPPSSEE]

“0594 HELP” by Haich Ber Na

“When The Rat Speaks, I Listen” by They Will Make Cemeteries Their Cathedrals

“Raven” by Anodyna

“f a l l i n g i s e a s y” by MONOMORTE

“Day Zero” by STATIC ANGEL

“Birthmark” by No Joy

“Show Me How” by LUCIFR

“Never Go Home” by airshade


“Balter Beauty” by Pholo

“True Feelings” by DJ Kuroneko/DisSolve (feat. Kirai)

“Doubts” by YuKnoWatt (feat. Natsukime)

“Connections (Voices In My Mind)” by FREEATLAST

“Red River” by SALEM

“there 4 me” by OMG KARMA

“1k Suns” by Xala

“Planetary” by Serenity

“I’ve Loved You For A Long Time” by Chaøs

“I’ll Be Leaving Soon” by Snow.Drift


If you are an artist or label and would like music to be removed from this playlist, please contact us.

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