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Pastel Wasteland Playlist – JUNE 2021

WE ARE BACK! Thanks for sticking with us while we freshened up Pastel Wasteland.

This playlist features some great music from our down period. Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to show your support for all the great artists you’ll find here.

If you have any recommendations for next month’s playlist, hit us up in the comments. You can also find us over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


“Melt” by Sidewalks and Skeletons & In3briant

“Liberty Alarm” by Acryl Madness – [Neon Retro Records]

“Clash” (SLOWED) by SUI UZI

“My Life” (Real Tears Death Flip) by Real Tears

“Need to Feel” by Hades – [The Games We Play]

“Come Alive” by Affectwave

“NAS NE DAGONIAT” (t.A.T.u. Bootleg) by Shxpe

“What Lies Ahead” by Dytenna

“Nemesis” by Seraph. x Calicry – [Sekai Collective]

“##callin (nate 22)” by 9kins – [inv4lid]

“Unsleeping Dream” by Murkish – [Harmony Haven]

“Faded” by NVFNAL (feat. RDBY and Kathryn MacLean) – [Harmony Haven]

“Forgetting That It Could Kill Me” by Aegir

“Awareness” by Technoval

“Rusty Nail Candy” by Lightex

“End Well” by Calicry – [litkit10 Records]

“Lost” by Sacre – [The Games We Play]


“Impossible” by Dxxdly x Lovewithme – [Liquid Ritual]

“Be Mine” by Nikita Mirnyy

“Light Me Up” by Violet7rip

“The Deep End” by SIYder & Sergio Ochoa – [Liquid Ritual]

“Undeniable” by Duckem – [Sekai Collective]

“Event Horizon” by r3stl3ss

“Enough” by Kintsuku (Produced by Mike Shinoda)


If you are an artist or label and would like music to be removed from this playlist, please contact us.


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