Pastel Wasteland Playlist – JUNE 2020

Welcome back friends to the Pastel Wasteland Playlist. Here we showcase some amazing music you may have missed.

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Track listing:

“Stay The Night” (Kastra Remix) by GT_Ofice

“Lost in Translation” by Mnemosyne x Azer – [Sekai Collective]

“Place With The Bass” by rule85 & YARO – [TEN Music Group]

“Comets” by SpaceDeath

“Woodbine” by Pearl White (feat. LILITH IS GONE) – [TITAN CULT]

“Misery Business” (Paramore Cover) by Kintsuku

“CYBERWARE” by error

“Furniture” by Maude Latour

“Ghost” by Gymnast

“Second Sword VIP” by Inodi, Pholo & Kareful – [Liquid Ritual]

“卒業ですね” (Sewerslvt Remix) by AZALEA

“Rebuild” by murkish – [Harmony Haven]

“Circle Square” by Violent Vickie

“Crimson Walls” by Them Lights

“Shouko Nishimiya” by Palm Fires

“Gravitas” by Advakit

“Sirens” by TOPAZ

“Montana” by Trent. (feat. Kamiya) – [STYLSS Network]

“Voices in my Head” by nenø

“Sonic Anxiety” (Plastician Rebirth) by YAMA – [Human Error Collective]

“All You Wanna Do Wit’ Me” by Calico Jay

“Everything Glimmer” by Vylet Pony (feat. Chi Chi & Namii)

“REWIND” by Juno Hopes

“Beast” by Club Noir



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