Pastel Wasteland Playlist – JULY 2020

Welcome back friends to the Pastel Wasteland Playlist. Here we showcase some amazing music you may have missed.

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Track Listing:

“In My Heart” by Pawl x Discrete

“MOTIONS” by hyperforms – [Liquid Ritual Records]


“Caramelldansen” (wave remix) by murkish – [Harmony Haven]

“New Paradise” by Palm Fires x INFDL

“Glassy Eye” by HINVEX

“Into The Void” by Backxwash (feat. Malldate) – [Grimalkin Records]

“Black Meowgic” by Cat Temper

“Valley Girl” by NEON ARCADE

“Waves” by MOLTENO

“Hesitate” by sphere still



“AETHER” by TWiNGE – [EK4T3 Collective]

“The Last Breath” by We Are Nowhere

“Brexit Planet Dust” by Jekyll & Hyde – [Bypolar Records]

“Mutilation” by VSN7 – [NEDOSTUPNOSTЬ]

“The Maiden Wound” (Pinklogik Remix) by Plike

“Kanjo Loop” by Klasey Jones

“Fuel” by Type-A x murkish – [Harmony Haven]

“Skin” by Empathy Test

“Broken Dreams” by WHITEHOT

“この” by VAGAO-P

“She” (chaøs vision) by sibewest

“Take Everything Away” by GHØST GIRL X Kiba – [Human Error//]


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