Pastel Wasteland Playlist – FEBRUARY 2020 [Music]

Welcome back friends to the Pastel Wasteland Playlist. Here we showcase some amazing music you might have missed.

If you have any recommendations for our March playlist, hit us up in the comments. You can also find us over on Twitter.

Outer Space” by Airon Logic – Single

Each Time We Fell” by Vylet Pony – Single

“Wrong Side of the Bed” by 9souls – Taken from the Coffin Boy EP

“Never Be” by Somegirl – From the Never Be EP

Sweet 16” by SubwayConversation – Single

Time Travel Kool Aid” by Half An Orange & Ephixa – Single (Monstercat Records)

Deranged” (Remix) by SEX CELLS – Single

If You Say Goodbye” (Diamond Field Rework) by Bunny X – Single

Runner’s High” by omori – Single

temple 0v inanna” by witch hvnt – Single

“Girl In The Shell” by Isserley – From the Princess Euthanasia Project EP

Neon Heart” by HAKKURAI – Single (The Games We Play UK)

Only In Our Memories” by Øneheart – Single (The Games We Play UK)

Paid in Full” by Melodywhore (feat. Sapphira Vee & Upon Eventual Collapse) – Single

“Ephemeral Love” by Knight Sabers (feat. N I N A) – From the Ephemeral Love EP

Nebula” by KAVERN – Single

“Exopolitan” by Essenger – From the album After Dark

“The Perfect System” by Occams Laser – From the album Return to the Grid

Princess Of Light” by Palm Fires – Single


Lily” by Eve (Hatsune Miku) – Single

Immaterium” by Mnemosyne – Single

“My Game” by Sapphira Vee – From the album My Game

Keep Going, Don’t Close” by Remember – Single (DREAM CATALOGUE)

Soft Body Damage Tolerance” (Demo) by Devi McCallion – Single


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