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Pastel Wasteland Playlist – APRIL 2021

Welcome back friends to the Pastel Wasteland Playlist. Here we showcase some amazing music you may have missed.

If you have any recommendations for next month’s playlist, hit us up in the comments. You can also find us over on Twitter and Facebook.

Track Listing:

“Revelation” by senny

“Inta Oculi” (LTHL Blend) by LTHL x Mssingno

“Lost” by Shxpe

“Strange Place” by Belial Pelegrim + Spiralizer

“Extreme Justice” by Matheny – [LoFreq Records]

“So Lost” by Yedgar – [Terrorhythm Records]

“In Love and Death” by sweeep

“Let the Rain Clouds Come” by SBU & ENROSA – [Trap Nation]

“Enchantment” by murkish x SH4D – [Harmony Haven]

“Limbo” by Ivoryghost

“Daydreaming” by VAYU w/ Ftureable

“Glow Galore” by CYBERMILK – [YUME Collective]

“Beetle!! w/ cntrll + vice” by decay

“Stay” by ItsLucid

“GLOOM” by emk3n

“Iconoclasm” by apøtheosis

(´-﹏-`quite)” by ERISED

“Voices” by ODEA

“STOMP” by AZA$$IN – [Watership Records]

“FUSION” by Teneki & Sudoverse – [Liquid Ritual]

“Alcyone” by iSorin


“SIRENS” by ChinaBoiiArsenee

“I Have No Worth And I Must Die” by D E P R E S S E D 0 4 0 x Sidewalks and Skeletons – [Night Terrors Music]

“Martyrs” by Indigo Maya


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