Palm Lakes – “Nothing To Me” [Synthwave] 🇬🇧

Nothing To Me” is the third single from brothers Tim and Ian Hardwick. As Palm Lakes, they’ve dedicated themselves to producing 80s inspired anthems. Or, as they put it “The soundtrack to an endless summer”.

“Nothing To Me” certainly feels like a part of that. The gated reverb and synths. The neon palette and exotic location shown on the cover art. The Hardwicks really have created something that is retro and honestly kind of epic.

What we have here is a rich slice of retrowave with real heart. “Nothing To Me” is a song about escape. Escape from a world that can break you. Pressure, lies, regrets – all are things which you can defy. The amped-up choruses remind us to never lose hope, and that change is always possible.

Interestingly, the song’s video doesn’t rely on 80s aesthetics.It still works so well with the track itself, however. Because the themes of “Nothing To Me” are timeless, and universal.

Palm Lakes are a duo who understand how to draw out the best from nostalgia. But more importantly, they’re an act who understands what it means to be human.

You can find Palm Lakes here:





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