MOVRNINGSTAR – “Baptism” [Electronic] 🇬🇧

MOVRNINGSTAR’s “Baptism” opens with simple but really beautiful synth keys, before gaining a mellow, yet potent dark ambiance.

The beat is subtle but still runs deep. There’s a richness to this track which is almost magical – it feels like there’s a lot more going on here than you’d expect from such a relatively simple mix. Going into this I was expecting witch house. But there’s something wholly unique and compelling about everything you’ll hear.

Its accompanying video is a warped version of classic horror from cinema’s golden age. The juxtaposition between this and the music magnifies the effect considerably.

I have to say that I love the symbol MOVRNINGSTAR represents themselves with. As someone with a (passing) familiarity with Chaos Magick, seeing their symbol flash up on screen does put a spin on things. And that’s before we even get to someone basing their stage name on Lucifer.

It’s all so appropriate because MOVRNINGSTAR’s work is simultaneously magical, dark, and angelic.

You can find MOVRNINGSTAR here:






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