Maude Latour – “One More Weekend” [Electro Pop] ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Maude Latour‘s “One More Weekend” is one of those songs which makes me glad to be doing what I do. It ticks many boxes, even some I didn’t know were there.

It’s a song about love. Not a revolutionary subject to cover, but Latour tackles it in a distinctive and creative way.

“One More Weekend” is the story of a romance, from Latour’s perspective. She’s devoted to her other half, and able to describe them with nuance. From how they emphasise sentences, their references to 50s movies and onto lines like “I got a crush on the shape of your name on my phone”. That last one being one of my favourite lyrics ever.

As characters they’re grounded, rounded and fleshed out. In the first verse we get a real sense of how great things are. Or were, because “One More Weekend” is very bittersweet. It’s not the story of a relationship going well. It’s Latour looking back on what she had. Regretting what she’s lost and aching to recapture it.

Latour paints a vivid picture throughout. And while it’s melancholic, “One More Weekend” isn’t a depressing listen.

This is largely thanks to Latour’s charisma. Her smoky vocals are assured, betraying an artist who knows exactly how to sell what she’s offering. It’s helped by the energetic backing, which ramps up around the first chorus. It’s weirdly upbeat, striking a fascinating contrast with the subject matter.

It’s not dark, musically, but it is kind of a rush. She (and so we) are swept along by the music. Carried on a torrent of emotion. A torrent that ends with a very sudden cut. Everything just stops.

It’s jarring and final. Despite her yearning, itโ€™s done and thereโ€™s no way back. We’re all left hanging, and it’s a frankly marvelous way to end a superb piece of music

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