Lulu Rose – ‘Easy’ [Indie Electronic] 🇺🇸

Lulu Rose explores commitment and relationship issues in indie-electronic anthem ‘EASY’.

Rose’s decidedly unique vocals join a pared-back soundscape, with understated percussion and bouncy keys, a hazy daydream that is both captivating and laid-back.

Easy-listening at its best, ‘EASY’ is a vibrant and shimmery slice of pop, and is a fierce contender for a position in your favourite Summer playlist.



From the Press Release: 

Lulu Rose is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter known for her electrifying voice, pop anthems and heartfelt ballads. Born in Poland, Lulu came to the U.S. to study performing arts, her dedicated pursuit of excellence opened doors to clubs, small venues and showcases, where she expanded her range and experience as a singer. Lulu found inspiration from greats such as Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and Sia.

Her first single and music video, “Lose Control” revealed an artist who captures the voice of a generation of youth who work hard and play harder. With her second single, Lulu gives us “Anthem,” a powerful song dedicated to those who have faced hard times, hatred or discrimination. The stirring lyrics and well-sung melody lift our spirits and remind us to spread unity and love to all people. With the release of her third single “NSA”, Lulu is experimenting with slow beats and new sexually charged lyrics. Now with the June release of her anxiously awaited single “EASY”, Lulu gives us a taste of her upcoming EP.

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