Lovelast – ‘Afterglow’ [Electro Pop] ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

The disintegration of love and life is explored in Lovelast’s new release, electro pop track ‘Afterglow’.

Magically wistful and introspective, the twinkling synths are reminiscent of alien radars, otherworldly and distant.

Tripping into a melancholic burst of energy, the soundscape builds into a roaring chorus of undulating synthesisers and hypnotic melodies, tied together with a shimmery and resonant vocal.

The track represents an emotion that we have all felt in some way and at some time, touching upon regret and fading memories that become a part of our rich tapestry as we move forward with life.



From the Press Release:ย 

โ€œAfterglowโ€ is about disintegration. It’s about seeing the unraveling of a love, of a relationship, of a person you care deeply about โ€” and yet, in the middle of that, also remembering why it was so special to you. It’s that bittersweet feeling of knowing you’re losing the person you love, but also knowing you wouldn’t trade anything for the time you had together. So maybe you can’t stop the unraveling; maybe it’s gone too far. But you can still hold onto the memory of the happiness, the moments when the stress wasn’t so overwhelming. Even if it all falls apart, there’s still something beautiful to cling to โ€” something waiting for you in the afterglow.


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