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Kumarion – “Want It” (ABARA Remix) [Bass] ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Here’s one fresh out of the oven. On August 12th, friend of the site Yama put out this tweet:

A collaboration between Yama and Cat/ (two of the leading lights in wave) is something to get hyped about. And they’re coming out swinging, with a pretty damn epic remix of Kumarion‘s “Want It”.

The original comes in with mellow yet dark ambience. There are obscured vocals and a cool beat which lead to a killer dubstep drop. It’s pretty dynamic, there’s a lot going on there, but ABARA took it and went crazy.

Thereโ€™s an absolute shit-ton going on here. The ABARA remix shimmers like glass at the start, before warping and bending around. The beat absolutely slaps. There’s chill moments which balance things out without breaking the flow. But overall this is some sense-cracking D’N’B.

It crams a lot into four minutes and is quite the ride. In fact, some of the attached comments hit the nail on the head:

“Want It” is a hell of a way for Yama and Cat/ to introduce their new baby. It’s already clear that ABARA will shape up to be an avenue for Yama and Cat/ to cut loose and follow wild muses wherever they lead.

And I have to say, I’d love this hashtag to take off:

You can find ABARA here:



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