Kareful x Pholo – “Second Sword” (Inodi VIP Remix) [Wave]

Here’s something exciting which crossed my desk. One great producer remixing a track by two others. All promoted by Liquid Ritual, a UK label and trusted tastemakers of wave music.

The original version of “Second Sword” came from Kareful and Pholo. Their version is punchy, no-nonsense wave. Or is it? On SoundCloud they tagged the track “#Wave?” Which is pretty funny, but also appropriate. If “Future Grime” wasn’t a sub-genre before, it is now. Kareful and Pholo invented it.

The VIP Remix of “Second Sword” comes from Ukrainian producer Inodi. Based on their work here, they’re set to become a major player.

Inodi’s mix opens with a layer of vinyl cracks and pops. It conjures up the joy of slipping a disc out of its cover, giving it a twirl and dropping the needle. The spirit of holding something in your hands applied to the digital.

Interestingly, Inodi’s “Second Sword” removes the “?” from the original’s hashtag. It maintains the essence of Kareful and Pholo’s version, but this is definitely wave. Wave of the most potent kind: muscular yet ethereal. Effortlessly cool, dynamic, and a treat for anyone who hears it.

Beyond the quality of the track itself, Inodi’s remix of “Second Sword” reveals an interesting point about the wave community: its emphasis on collaboration and support.

Inodi has remarked that they discovered “Second Sword” while surfing SoundCloud for new music. Their version was essentially a bootleg. One which, upon hearing it, prompted Kareful and Pholo to bring Inodi into the Liquid Ritual fold.

I’m pretty new when it comes to my own interactions with the wave community, but none of this surprises me. There is a genuine sense of family amongst the majority of people in the scene, and projects like this are prime representations of it.

It’s also worth noting that Inodi’s remix represents something else. The beginning of a new era. After a short hiatus, the label is willing, ready, and able to bring us some incredible music. As the release of “Second Sword” (VIP Remix) demonstrates.

You can find Inodi here:












Label: Liquid Ritual

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