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INTERVIEW – Cory Singer [Singer-Songwriter]

There’s a lot of things that you might be surprised to learn about TikTok phenomenon Cory Singer.

For one, he’s a triple-threat: in addition to being a social media influencer with nearly two million likes on the popular short-form video-sharing platform, Singer is also an accomplished musical-theatre performer and an avid singer-songwriter.

In our latest interview, we talk to Cory about music, TikTok and what the future holds.

PW – Hey Cory, welcome to Pastel Wasteland. For those who aren’t familiar with your work quite yet, how would you introduce both yourself and your sound?

Hi, I am Cory Singer, I am a singer-songwriter, Musical Theater performer & Social Influencer in the Autistic Community.

PW – Your early work was in musical theatre, where I understand you first fell in love with performing, and that really marks the start of quite an incredible journey. What would you say have been the highlights of your creative journey so far?

Being on the Kandi Factory was an experience that many people do not get to have and Kandi planted the seed for my songwriting journey.  Being able to perform anywhere and putting myself out there is a natural high that I cannot get anywhere else.

PW – Your music has a nostalgic yet very contemporary sound, who would you say have been your most significant inspirations (from any art form or time period)? 

I love the music of the 70’s and 90’s decades.

PW – Let’s talk about Tik Tok for a moment. Your honest and authentic conversations around Autism and Aspergers on the platform have been very well received. What are your thoughts about the reactions so far, and what is your favourite part of being a part of the Tik Tok community?

I love having people relate to me and how they related to me. When you are autistic you feel alone in a neurotypical world. It’s a great place to connect and identify. I get to be the person that shows people the are not alone and someone they can look up to. I never had that growing up, it’s cool to be able to be that person.

@thecorysingerBrilliant ##autism ##funny ##friends ##jimcarrey ##moviescene♬ original sound – Cory Singer

PW – What are your plans for 2021, in terms of upcoming releases?

I am releasing my first single in two years next Month and I will be dropping new music frequently through the upcoming year.

PW – What is your favourite way to relax away from making music?

Scrolling through Tiktok or watching a good movie. I am a movie buff.

PW – 2020 and the lockdown so far have been tough in several ways. What has the last year taught you in terms of both your career and life as a whole? 

To always be ready to expect the unexpected, To keep persevering no matter what.

PW – In terms of the creative journey, in this kind of industry, it can be tough to feel like we’re moving forwards sometimes. How do you battle these feelings when they come up, and do you have any advice to other people who might be struggling in a similar way?

There is a lot of competition and you have to work harder and put your music out there. But for me, I do this because it is what I love, I am not in this music career for popularity.

PW – And finally, where would we find you on social media, and do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate the well thought out questions.

You can find me on InstagramFacebook and TikTok , and my website is

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