Hyperforms – “MOTION” [Wave] 🇫🇮

Finnish producer Hyperforms is shaping up to be a leading light in the rapidly expanding wave scene. With support from UK label Liquid Ritual, Hyperforms has been filling dance floors across Europe and Russia. As well as having racked up 6.8 million streams across their various platforms.

Their latest single “MOTION” looks set to help Hyperforms reach an even larger, and well-earned audience.

Musically, “MOTION” is another perfect floor filler. A dream of one in fact. It’s vibrant and vividly conjures up a spirit of excitement and abandon.

There’s a description I love: “Effortlessly cool”. “MOTION” is that. The evocative vocals, fluid melodies, and progressive percussion elevate this song to impressive heights.

More broadly, MOTION speaks to a particular quality of wave. It shows how some songs within the genre can combine the finest qualities of synthwave, trance, and EDM while also pushing boundaries and refusing to be in thrall to the past.

The cover art for “MOTION” deserves some recognition. There’s a strong and entirely appropriate link between it and the track itself. The art carries neon-drenched retro aesthetics, but also those fresh and modern qualities Hyperforms has wired into the track.

Wave is making great strides towards becoming one of the most important movements in modern music. With a roster that includes acts like Hyperforms, It’s safe to say that Liquid Ritual is one of the reasons why.



Label: Liquid Ritual

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