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Heimanu – “Mira” [Wave]

“I wanted to make something with a bit more emotional depth and perspective to it. A song that grabs at the heart and doesn’t let go, which is very different to my normal Wave sound.”

This is how Australian producer Heimanu describes the creation of “Mira”, the latest major release from UK based label Liquid Ritual.

Liquid Ritual are one of the foremost promoters of the Wave scene. The genre has been on a steady rise over the past few years. Based on “Mira”, Heimanu could find themselves right at the front of this revolution.

Besides how generally goddamn great “Mira” sounds, the most striking thing about it is the different genre nods incorporated into it.

The intro carries some mournful strings and a little drum and bass. “Mira” also skirts just along the edges of witch house at points, but as things progress there’s a welcome surprise – some classic trance elements.

And that’s not all. “Mira” blends the tropes and aesthetics of Wave with EDM. Most Wave is about ambience, but I can see “Mira” filling a dance floor.

Nudging Wave towards the mainstream is no bad thing. It’s a genre that deserves a much larger audience and every producer I’ve encountered from it deserves way more success and recognition.

Heimanu is leading the charge in this respect, and it’ll be interesting to see where they take us from here.

You can find Heimanu here:






Label: Liquid Ritual

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