Haich Ber Na – “By Floras” [Soul] 🇬🇧

Last year London’s Haich Ber Na released “Everywhere’s Home”. In its description, it was noted how he had “Adopted a more introspective sound” and was “Reflecting on belonging, identity and categorisation.”

Their latest single, “By Floras”, is a subtle song that hits similar beats. Its production is somewhat sparse, carried largely by Haich Ber Na’s delivery (which is soulful, mellow, yet brimming with emotion), a muffled beat, and some mesmerising glitch tones.

It may not strike hard, musically, but “By Floras” still carries some serious impact. On lines like “I don’t know you anymore” and “We just needed time alone”, Haich Ber Na communicates great vulnerability and a desperate need to connect.

Isolation, fear, and loss are common themes at the best of times, but the nods from “By Floras” feel especially potent right now.

Everything has been shattered by COVID-19, and its not hard to draw a line between this blight and “By Floras”, whether this was intended or not.

And it probably wasn’t, because “By Floras” feels incredibly personal and almost uncomfortably intimate. But then deadly pandemics carry billions of intensely personal stories, just like any failing, toxic relationship.

I really feel this when Haich Ber Na sings “You realise/this is real life. You don’t feel like/You can do this on your own” and “Grown up child in adult clothes”.

“By Floras” is magical, despite the tragedy. And Haich Ber Na is an artist who’s welcome, necessary and likely to gift us with great music for a long time to come.

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