Gravity Circus – ‘Shuteye’ [Indie Electronic] 🇳🇱

Gravity Circus explore isolation in an uncanny parallel with our lockdown situation, in new indie electronic track ‘Shuteye’.

Starting with a stripped-back acoustic guitar and bassy vocal, the track launches into a dynamic soundscape punctuated by hefty percussion.

Taking cues from artists such as 21 Pilots, the lilting atmosphere and experimentation in the instrumentation is fresh and exciting, reminiscent of the uncertain times we are living in.



From the Press Release: 

Shuteye ended up fitting the current lockdown situation very well, even though it had been written a while beforehand. The song is about a life of solitude & alienation, all while craving for a new start and overthink on the past, that now hurts to think about. While trying to remain hopeful, it slowly turns old frustrations and fear of the unknown, into acceptance.


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