Forrest Day – ‘Quarantine Dream’ [Electro Pop] ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Forrest Day bring our quarantine anxiety to life in their riotous new electro-pop release, ‘Quarantine Dream’.

Opening with soundbites from various political leaders, a whirlwind of bouncy synths enter to underscore a cacophony of horns and sirens.

The ‘Quarantine Dream’ riff and lyrics are unabashedly catchy and on the nose, perfectly encapsulating the concept.

The experimental introduction of crying babies and screams create what can only be described as the mixture of aย Tarantinoย film soundtrack and 80’s dance workout video.

Hilarious, tragic and unashamedly fun, this track will have you dancing in mere seconds- and lucky for you, there’s an awesome dance routine to learn in the video.

Get learning!



From the Press Release:ย 

Quarantine Dream was written by Forrest Day, while under strict quarantine in the Philippines. After traveling there from his home in the US to reunite with his wife and six month old daughter in late February to bring them back home, a travel ban was announced the day he received his daughters passport. Local music and dance culture, inspired the making of the song and video.

Forrest Day is a man and a five-piece band that formed in Oakland, CA in 2006. Since then they have become well known for their live performances all around the country, and with millions of streams have been heard all over the world. Their sound blends elements of hip-hop, rock, pop, and jazz. They have two full length releases, “Forrest Day” “The Second” and two EP’s “Familiar Company” and “Forrest Day”.


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