Dyzphoria & Slayloverboy – “RATHERFEELNOTHING” [Wave] 🇨🇦

In 2018, Canadian producer Dyzphoria was interviewed by NINETOFIVE. He gave his definition of wave music to them:

“I think above all, wave music is defined by the feeling it gives you; there’s just a certain vibe that wave music has that’s really distinct from other electronic genres. It’s really emotional and melody-based and I think it often feels darker and sadder than most other forms of electronic music.”

Wave is sometimes dismissed as a “Marketing tactic” – essentially a way of repackaging adjacent genres. But Dyzphoria’s description hit on something. Especially when he talked about “The feeling it gives you.”

Despite its proximity to both witch house and future garage (the subgenres I compare it to most), wave manages to distinguish itself by the emotions and images it provokes. Dyzphoria’s latest single for UK label Liquid Ritual, “RATHERFEELNOTHING“, is one of the best examples of this yet.

Witch house is a darker, heavier style, distinguished by its occult imagery. The idea of magic is right in your face, but wave carries its own sleeker, more progressive kind. “RATHERFEELNOTHING” reveals auras and summons ghosts from urban spaces flooded with fluorescent lights, vibrant neon, and the deepest shadows born from contrasts.

Much of “RATHERFEELNOTHING’s” power comes from the combination of the beat with the obscured, multi-layered vocals from Slayloverboy. He brings a little grime to the mix, but the way his voice is manipulated makes it supernatural.

“RATHERFEELNOTHING” comes in just under 3 minutes long. It feels shorter because Dyzphoria made it so tight. No notes, phrases, or beats are wasted. Every part slots together and moves perfectly. It’s a wonderful song from an exciting genre. Let the cynics rot.







Label: Liquid Ritual

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