DON MARAE – ‘Crema’ [Experimental] 🇺🇸

DON MARAE releases debut experimental electronic single ‘Crema’.

The track opens with sweet and angelic vocals, underscored by an escalating beat. Launching into the main verse, the vocals switch to deep, spoken-word statements, creating a minacious atmosphere.

Confident and assured, DON MARAE has a powerful presence, singing in both Italian and English, and laying down the rules for anyone who might try and cross her.

Distorted synths and warped vocal effects elevate the unconventional track, cementing its place as one of the most exciting and offbeat songs of the year so far.

Truly brilliant.



From the Press Release: 

This debut song is a mixture of trap and experimental music with an industrial tone using both Italian and English. The song’s mastering includes a sharp sound which coincides with the overall theme of ‘danger’. The music video is controversial, sensual, and intense to introduce this new artist and genre. The Italian used in the lyrics is of a Neapolitan dialect which is the region the song was created. The artist Don Marae is from California, whilst the rest of the team are from Italy. This is the first song to intertwine both languages, in this edgy, underground style.

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