Diamond 6 – “Pretty Shot Up” [Rock] 🇭🇰

Hong Kong based trio Diamond 6 have returned, with the blazing “Pretty Shot Up”.

We’ve discussed (and interviewed) Diamond 6 before. “Pretty Shot Up” proves that they’re in no danger of losing momentum. Something which is amazing considering that their initial plan was to shut up shop after only one gig.

“Pretty Shot Up” is boisterous indie rock. Fiery guitar work is a huge part of its appeal. So too is vocalist (and bass player) Gavin Ho’s punk-inflected delivery. His performance bristles with “Fuck you” energy without coming off as sneering or obnoxious.

The video for “Pretty Shot Up” is deceptively simple. A retro-futuristic still of a woman facing the sun, which is cut up and warped in imaginative ways. From simple jumps to a kaleidoscopic sequence around the middle 8 – it’s quite the trip.

Diamond 6 revel in what they do. This is the third time we’ve covered them on Pastel Wasteland. Something tells me it won’t be the last.

You can find Diamond 6 here:

Official Site


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