Diamond 6 – “Head Electronica” [Rock] 🇭🇰

Diamond 6 formed in 2017. Their original intention was to only play one gig. Three years later, they’re still going.

We should be grateful that they failed to keep their initial promise. Diamond 6 trade in potent, no-nonsense indie rock, glazed with some sharp production.

“Head Electronica” is a perfect demonstration of this. The music is muffled at first, but as it rises in the mix, it gains definition. A tipping point is reached, where the full impact of its hard-hitting riffs, throbbing bass, and crashing percussions is realised.

The accompanying video is a treat. A non-stop ride, rendered with gorgeous retrowave aesthetics. There’s some disconnect between the visuals and the music, but this contrast works in “Head Electronica’s” favour.

The vision of a high-def, high-tech future is underscored by something more primal. A dream machine being powered along by something meaty. This is “Head Electronica” in a nutshell.




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