In this edition of #CREATORTALK, we speak to World Machine (@worldmachineband on Instagram). #CREATORTALK is a series of articles and interviews, with a focus on the creative industries and the the talent working within them. 

PW- Hey guys! How’s it going? 

All good Rob! Just rehearsing for our debut show at The Islington.

PW- So, first thing’s first. For those who don’t know yet, how would you sum up who you are and what you do? 

World Machine consists of Jack Shea ( Vocalist/Lyricist ) and Naz Kalsey ( Songwriter/Producer ). We have been defined as a cross between Indie Funk and contemporary RnB, with a tint of Electro and Rock.

PW- You’re currently promoting your new single, “Affection”. It has a very 80s/ nostalgic vibe, what influences did you look to when creating the track? 

When we look back at the origin of the track, we were going through a massive transitional stage musically. Before, we were making more darker electronic pop styled music but had enough of trying to cater to a specific idea and style for the group, so decided to write the complete opposite to that. “Affection” was always considered the new era track.

PW- “Affection” is a debut single so everything is quite new, however what has been the highlight of your musical journey so far?

To be honest, rehearsing for the show on the 8th June has been a massive highlight in our journey. Finding Luca Romano to play drums for us live is extremely exciting, and we look forward to jamming with him and rehearsing the tracks that we consider best for live.

PW- What plans do you have for after this release? Is there an EP or album on the horizon? 

A 4 track EP currently called ( EAN01 ) is currently in the mixing stage, and we are considering this our best work. It has diverse musical styles, ranging from UK garage to clean indie funk. We cannot wait to release it.

PW- This blog focuses heavily on creativity and the real people behind the art. How does creativity affect you on a day to day basis? Do you get super inspired out and about, or is it more of a focused effort, where you can shut off from the world and just think? 

We find most of our influences in photography and colours, and see art culture as a massive inspiration to what we write. Also, we get a lot of influences from where we are and what we experience. We tried to be focused at certain points during the recording process, especially when Naz is producing. but like to write under a sense of relaxation, and use the inspiration as the main focus, not the idea of finishing it.

PW- There’s a lot of talk in the industry about declining budgets across the board, whether it be in photography, music videos, press etc. How important do you feel it is for artists to keep creating this content, and keep connecting with their fans in this way? 
We think it’s massively important to connect with as many people as you can, especially in the creative fields like photography and visuals. We like the idea of having a creative team behind us, like our friend Al who does a lot of our photography. Keeping regular contact with him to do some projects is always fun. All the things just mentioned, like photography and music videos are the other vehicles for your vision, so it’s vitally important to sustain that, no matter what the budget is.

PW- And final question! It’s more of an invitation actually. Use the next few sentences to self-promote the hell out of what you’re up to, what we can watch/ listen to- no judgement! 

We have just released our debut video, and you can watch that here –

and we have a show at The Islington on the 8th June in London –


Plus hit us up on social media.


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