#CREATORLIFE- Productivity and Keeping Yourself on the Right Track

Being creative is a huge amount of fun. But if you’re anything like me, you also have moments of absolute scatterbrain. Productivity is one of those buzzwords that gurus use to encompass quite a wide range of ideas. Some people keep To-Do lists, some people meditate to clear their mind, ready to focus on the task at hand.

Over the years, I’ve read a huge amount of information on productivity, and was looking for a simple way to schedule my goals for the day, and the smaller tasks that would need to be tackled to achieve those goals. I initially wrote up the Pastel Wasteland Planner to use myself, however after having a few friends ask about it, and then use it themselves, I’ve decided to throw it out into the world!

We are selling it on Etsy for £3.00 (click here!), and it includes printable daily, weekly and monthly planners. The funds we raise from this go right back into hosting and helping us to grow the brand. The downloads are quite straightforward, but I’d like to explain the concepts of the Daily Planner a little further.

The first thing is the morning review- I’ve read various studies about how gratitude and appreciating the small things can help your mindset, and after putting it into practice, I can vouch for that idea. Even if this idea seems a bit too spiritual or “far-out” for you, the sections for gratitude, excitement and an affirmation at the beginning are my favourite parts of the whole planner. I’m not going to go into too much detail, because so many other writers online have done a great job of explaining these concepts, but I definitely encourage you to start exploring these ideas.

The overall goals on the left side of the page are then broken down into “Main” and “Minor” tasks. This helps to prioritise your time, and encourages you to break the bigger tasks into bitesize amounts. By doing this, you can help stop overwhelm before it begins- after all, you can split even the most beastly tasks into manageable chunks.

Finally, the review of the day is another key concept. By looking back and being honest about what went well and what didn’t go so well, you are training your brain to stress less, and pick up patterns that might need changing a little to help you operate at your best.

I hope these planners help you as much as they have helped me, and I would welcome any feedback!


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