#CREATORTALK- Jennings Couch [Interview]

In this edition of #CREATORTALK, we speak to London-based musician Jennings Couch (@jenningscouch on Instagram). #CREATORTALK is a series of articles and interviews, with a focus on the creative industries and the the talent working within them. 

PW- Hey Jennings! How’s it going?

Hey mate! It’s going pretty good. I’ve been super busy recently with rehearsals, gigs and preparations to release some new music this summer!

PW- So, first thing’s first. For those who don’t know yet, how would you sum up who you are and what you do?

I always tell people I’m an Alternative Singer-Songwriter. If I just say singer-songwriter, chances are they imagine a guy with an acoustic guitar singing lovely songs. I really don’t want to be seen as another guy with a guitar and this is emphasised through the music that I make. It can sound quite big, heavy and dirty. So I end up telling people I make alternative / indie pop rock.

PW- You have a wonderfully refreshing style- a unique voice, with just the right amount of production in terms of music. Nothing seems forced or fake. How have you developed this as a style?

Thank you! It’s actually taken a while to discover myself as an artist and I’m actually still in the discovery stage. I just have more of an idea of what I want my sound to be. Recently I’ve been super inspired by artists like Twenty One Pilots, Grandson and Glass Animals. These are artists that bridge the gap between alternative and pop music, and its something I aim to achieve as well.

PW- SXSW in 2017 was obviously a huge moment for you. How has life changed since then?

Well, SXSW was insane. Like it was hectic as hell and there was never a moment of peace (someone told me there’s 100 gigs a day at SXSW). We went expecting to play only one show at a small bar, but thank god my producer had the balls to speak to people while we were there and he ended up blagging us gigs at the Apple Music House and the British Music Embassy at Latitude 30! That made it all worth it. It was a truly amazing experience. Since then I’ve released more music, travelled further afield and met some amazing and inspirational people. I’m constantly working to better myself as a songwriter and performer, which is daunting at times, but always more rewarding.

PW- As per your bio on your page, you’ve done a fair amount of travelling in your career- what is your favourite place you’ve visited and why?

I think my favourite place that I gigged in was Italy. It was a small tour in August 2017, nearly 40 degrees Celsius everyday, and the food and wine was just off the scale. Me and Italian wine are best friends now.

PW- This blog focuses heavily on creativity and the real people behind the art. How does creativity affect you on a day to day basis? Do you get super inspired out and about, or is it more of a focused effort, where you can shut off from the world and just think?

Let me just say, I love the concept behind this blog and the angle you are taking when discussing creativity. Now that you’ve made me think about it, creativity affects me in almost everything I do. I think the most non-musical way it affects me is when I’m cooking. I love the colours, aromas, blending spices and flavours. Makes me feel like an alchemist or something! But there is always a new tune or melody swirling around in the back of my head. It only decides to reveal itself at 4 in the morning and makes me get up, find the guitar, and record it because I know I’ll hate myself if I forget it. To shut off, I have to go for a walk or something. Perhaps in a new part of town that I’ve never been to before. Find a good old pub, get a drink, sit down and relax.

PW- In this kind of economy and industry, it can be tough to feel like you’re moving forwards sometimes. How do you battle these feelings when they come up, and do you have any advice to other people who might be struggling in a similar way?

It definitely is tough! It’s one of the worst feelings to be putting so much effort into something and getting nowhere. Whenever I have these moments of self-doubt (which is quite often!) I look back on my previous achievements like a really good gig or a new song I’ve just recorded. This always give me a little boost of confidence. We have to remember though that this is the hardest industry to move forward in, and its gonna take time! Dedication and perseverance is key.

PW- And final question! It’s more of an invitation actually. Use the next few sentences to self-promote the hell out of what you’re up to, what we can watch/ listen to- no judgement!

Self-promoting the hell out of myself, coming up!
Go check out my latest release on Spotify or Apple Music!

Stay Out – Jennings Couch


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I’ve also got a couple new singles coming out this summer and potentially an EP! I’m always performing in and around London so be sure to follow me on social media to find out where you can catch me next. Thank you!


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