#CREATORTALK- Andrej Apolonio [Interview]

In this edition of #CREATORTALK, we speak to Andrej Apolonio ( @andrejapolonio on Instagram). #CREATORTALK is a series of articles and interviews, with a focus on the creative industries and the the talent working within them.

PW- Hey Andrej! How’s it going? 

Hi, I’m fine. Thanks!

PW- So, first thing’s first. For those who don’t know yet, how would you sum up who you are and what you do?

I’m 24 and I live in Rio de Janeiro. I’m a quiet guy, but age is making me antisocial. I spend most of my time painting in watercolors.

PW- Your illustration style is so unique and stunning. Do you have any main influences when it comes to your work, either within art or a different creative medium? 

Thank you for the appreciation. I’ve painted since I was a kid, but I began sharing my work on the internet 2 years ago. I’m obsessed with pop culture in general, the 80’s and horror movies. I like Terry Richardson’s aesthetics and Tim Burton’s horror movies. Achraf Amiri and Lucas David are my painting inspirations.

PW- The first thing I notice about your drawings are the eyes. These are often whited-out or puffy and red. Is there a meaning behind this or is it just a part of your surreal style? 

On my pictures I like to show beauty and horror at the same time. What can be more expressive than human eyes? You can enjoy all the truth and sins someone has lived between them.

PW- What plans do you have for the future? 

I’d like to keep painting and bringing beauty to the life of people. I like inspiring people who, just like me, don’t feel comfortable with society, and find organisation through art.

PW- This blog focuses heavily on creativity and the real people behind the art. How does creativity affect you on a day to day basis? Do you get super inspired out and about, or is it more of a focused effort, where you can shut off from the world and just think? 

I’m too practical when I paint. I have a list of personalities that I’d like to draw. I usually work better at dawn. When I begin some new art, I just need some music, ink and paper.

PW- In this kind of economy and industry, it can be tough to feel like you’re moving forwards sometimes. How do you battle these feelings when they come up, and do you have any advice to other people who might be struggling in a similar way? 

When I begin to doubt my ability, I stop whatever I’m doing and take time to relax. I put my thoughts in order; watching a movie or I just leave my house and walk around. I have followers on social media who send me a lot of love and affection, and that makes me confident again to keep going.

PW- And final question! It’s more of an invitation actually. Use the next few sentences to self-promote the hell out of what you’re up to, what we can see etc, no judgement! 

You can find my stuff at Society6. (www.society6.com/andrejapolonio). You can purchase prints, mugs, cases, pillows and t-shirts. I accept orders from anyone who wants a portrait made by me on my Instagram, @andrejapolonio 🙂

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