#CREATORTALK- Alex Reed (@earthboi_) [Interview]

In this edition of #CREATORTALK, we speak to Alex Reed ( @earthboi_ on Instagram). #CREATORTALK is a series of articles and interviews, with a focus on the creative industries and the the talent working within them.

PW- Hey Alex! How’s it going? 

Hiii Rob 😊 I’m always uncomfortably honest and vulnerable when people ask me how I’m doing, and the answer at this exact moment is both wonderful and not so much.  It’s been a trying month for me in several different areas of my life, but I cherish the struggle.  The side of life we all run from is usually the side we should turn around and greet with open arms, learn from, and eventually transform into energy, motivation, and joy.

PW- So, first thing’s first. For those who don’t know yet, how would you sum up who you are and what you do?

Wow, I feel too multifaceted to answer this question in casual conversation.  But yay I have a little more leeway to ramble here 😉 I liken myself to the gay male version of the nymphs from Greek mythology, nature deities often depicted as beautiful, free-spirited, naked women who kept their forest/river/mountain/canyon/spring/meadow vibrant and full of life and love.  That’s kind of how I see myself in a deeper sense.  My main purpose in life is just to spread love, strengthen (or perhaps rekindle) the connection between man and nature, and help people lead fulfilling, truly happy lives. This is what I mean when I refer to my “Love Revolution”.  I know the human race can do better, and live better; all it takes is replacing hate with love, and replacing separateness with connection.

Last winter this all began to be translated into creation through the wonderful tool we call the internet.  It’s an incredibly efficient way of spreading my message of love, and who I am with the world.  My overarching goal is to create a community of sorts, teaming together to create a better world.  I create videos on YouTube covering many topics, from adventure vlogs to “self-help” content.  I freelance model. And I run my own website, earthboi.com, where I focus on naturism (essentially living in harmony with nature whilst naked) and explore and push the boundaries between sexuality and beauty.

PW- Let’s talk about nature. It’s obviously one of your biggest influences, and the vast majority of your pictures are taken out in the wild. Was there one moment in particular that really sparked your love for the great outdoors?

*acceptance speech voice* I’d like to thank my parents for always believing in me – nah, in all seriousness my parents raised me outdoors.  I lived in a cabin for the first couple years of my life.  As I grew up Momma Nature was just always there.  Pure, loving, interconnected, everything in harmony.  I honestly feel like everyone, every living thing, has an intrinsic love for nature.  It’s our collective momma!  Even the “ugh I hate nature bugs sweat EW” type of people would find that deep under those societal layers they have an incredible connection just begging to be nurtured.

PW- Where do you go when you need to unwind and get away from society for a bit?

Well at the moment I’m saving up for a camper van so my life can be a constant getaway of sorts.  For now though, any nature preserve in the near vicinity will do.  They have the least amount of people 😉

PW- You’ve recently launched your website. Can you tell us more about what we can find on there, and why you did it? 

Ahhh I know!  It’s crazy to say I have my own website.  I made the website for a couple reasons.  Firstly, I believe I have sooo much value inside me to share with this world. Unfortunately a camper van, satellite boosted internet, fuel, solar panels, camera equipment, editing software, food, water, etc is NOT cheap.  This website was a way for me to give this value to my special earthlings who support me financially.  I did this before with Patreon, but unfortunately they royally screwed me over.  Took all my income, still charged my former members without paying me, and deleted my account for no reason at all.  Would not recommend this fundraising platform for any creator out there.  So that’s the second reason.  Patreon deleted most of my income with a mouse click, and so I strapped on my boots and figured out an even better alternative which is, of course, earthboi.com

PW- What are three essential things you would take with you if you had to stay somewhere remote for a while?

– a life straw 

– a fire starter

– a person to keep me warm at night

PW- This blog focuses heavily on creativity and the real people behind the art. How does creativity affect you on a day to day basis? Do you get super inspired out and about, or is it more of a focused effort, where you can shut off from the world and just think? 

I usually let creativity come to me.  I’ve read a lot on the science behind it and it comes down to nurturing what you love.  We all spend too much time thinking and analyzing and it really just comes down to expressing the deep parts of yourself.  Anything you can dream up is possible with enough determination and a lil’ pixie dust.  As Einstein said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

PW- In this kind of economy and industry, it can be tough to feel like you’re moving forwards sometimes. How do you battle these feelings when they come up, and do you have any advice to other people who might be struggling in a similar way? 

Ha! This is exactly what I was talking about when I said it’s been a rough month.  I don’t battle anything.  I welcome the mountains life presents me because I know eventually, I can climb over them.  One step at a time.  One of the most important things I have ever learned about life is to befriend your pain and suffering.  Find the teacher inside the failure, the light in the darkness.  I spent so much of my early life running or numbing pain in some fashion.  It was only when I decided to be compassionate towards fear itself that I was able to do any of this. 

TL;DR Never give up.

PW- And final question! It’s more of an invitation actually. Use the next few sentences to self-promote the hell out of what you’re up to, what we can see etc, no judgement!

Oh jeez, I’ll try to be shameless here.  Now that the storm has mostly passed, you can be expecting a whole new chapter for earthboi.  Once the new website starts to gain traction I’m going to buy a camper and travel the country documenting EVERYTHING.  The adventure, the friendships, the places, the fear, the tears, the booty!  My soul has been yearning for a long time to shatter my comfort zone and everything I thought I knew, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do and I hope to inspire others to do the same. There are multiple ways you can help make the love revolution (and my dreams) come true:

Thanks for the opportunity to share my story

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