Collaboration Works (Article)

If you’re burnt out, stuck, or in need of inspiration, collaborating with your peers is arguably one of the best actions you can take.

Farnham, UK / 2010 /

I studied my Bachelor’s Degree in Film Production at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham from 2010–2013. Whilst I was there, I often collaborated with music artists from the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford.

During my time in Farnham, I used to frequent a Facebook group that had been created as a bridge between the two institutions, a group where artists of all different types could collaborate on anything from music videos to photoshoots and graphic design projects. This group allowed us access to amazing talent from both UCA and ACM, and thinking back, it’s a shame it didn’t kick off the way it could have done.

The group, “Collaboration Works” is as good as dead in 2018, though a couple of original members still post into the echo chamber of times gone by. This group gave me the first taste of a system of working that would inform a large part of my career to date, and I wanted to give it a shoutout for being a great resource, if only for a few years.



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