Civic Atl (feat. Anja Enerud & Lapette) – “Where We Belong” [Electro Pop] 🇺🇸

Civic Atl’s “Where We Belong” (a collaboration with singer Anja Enerud and producer Lapette) is a curiosity, in the best sense.

Together they’ve conjured up something akin to an achingly cool, 8-bit era RPG soundtrack. All of which is greatly enhanced by Enerud’s rich and impassioned vocals.

It opens with signal noise, and makes great use of chiptune elements throughout. The overall tone is ominous, but the lyrics reveal some measure of hope. We go from early lines such as “Like a freak I’m losing ground” to later, relatively optimistic ones like “The moonlight’s leading us back where we belong”.

“Where We Belong” is a strange run. Heavily defined by the digital, but driven by something very human.



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