Chris Rhoadz – ‘Pisces Rising’ [Alternative] 🇺🇸

US-based artist Chris Rhoadz releases the liltingly beautiful ‘Pisces Rising’.

Featuring a laidback and dreamy soundscape, Rhoadz’s velvety vocals soar above the chattering percussion, creating a mellow and sensual mood.

Toeing the line between nostalgia and contemporary production, the track is transcendent and one of the really good releases from the Summer period.

Keep an eye out for Chris Rhoadz, he is going to be huge! Mark my words.



From the Press Release: 

“That moment when you catch yourself still up at 2 in the morning thinking about someone; imagining what you’d say to them or wondering if they’re thinking about you too. That moment is the embodiment of this song. There’s something for every one with this record with its relatable lyrics, hypnotic vocals, airy synths, retro sounding guitars, and chill drums. It’s hard not to let this song take you on the trip it was made to take you on.”

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