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Calios – “Full Throttle” EP [Dubstep]

New York based producer Calios gave me something I hadn’t known I needed. Last week they popped up in Pastel Wasteland’s Twitter DMs to let us know about their latest release, the Full Throttle EP.

Turns out I needed some dubstep in my life. I went through a little period towards the end of 2020 where I was listening to a lot of Sewerslvt. But overall it’s been a long time since dubstep has excited me.

Now here we are with Calios’ Full Throttle. And oh yeah, this is the good stuff.

There are two tracks. Calios’ thunders in with “Steamroller”. While it’s not light-speed BPM dubstep, it still scratches that itch.

“Steamroller” clatters and batters and just feels so vibrant and alive. It also has this curiously appealing sound effect that periodically pops up. It’s like a fly-wheel winding up, creating a tension that contrasts well with the rest of the mix.

“Here Comes The Sun” rises like, well a sun. But not with a gentle dawn. Rather it’s searing and face-melting. Burning bright while underlined by incredibly meaty and satisfying beats.

Calios has knocked out quite a bit of material over the past few months. Seems they’re building momentum, and there’s the promise of a lot of great music to come.

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