Billie Eilish – “Everything I Wanted” (MONOMORTE Remix) [Witch House] 🇬🇧

When I’m not sleeping or crippled by existential dread, I like to have witch house/future garage stations running.

MONOMORTE is a key fixture of pretty much all of them. Like Sidewalks and Skeletons, CRIM3S and Axius Link, they’re an artist I often measure others in these micro-genres against.

It was very exciting then when a preview of this remix popped up on their SoundCloud. Billie Eilish has already secured her place among the greats of popular music. That one of witch house’s greats turned their attention to her was insanely exciting.

Eilish’s ability to bring pop sensibilities to life’s darker, more uncanny aspects is part of her appeal. The dark and uncanny are significant components of witch house, so MONOMORTE certainly had a lot to work with.

“Everything I Wanted” is both bleak while also strangely heartwarming. It was inspired by a nightmare Eilish had about drowning herself, only for people to either shit-talk her or greet the event with apathy. But it’s also about her relationship with her brother. How, no matter what happens, they’re there for one another.

Tonally it’s sombre, haunting and subtly distressing. MONOMORTE overclocks it, particularly during the chorus. It surges with increased noise and energy.

The imagery of water is a big part of “Everything I Wanted.” Eilish drowns during the song, and plunges her car into a river during the video. What’s interesting about this remix, is that it feels like MONOMORTE has thrown a cable in there, electrifying everything.

I’m perhaps going off the deep end here, but there’s something unique about the way this remix feels. In the original, Eilish describes her dream, how she feels, what’s happening now she’s awake.

MONOMORTE’s production puts an almost paranormal spin on things. Rather than a young woman waking up and talking, the uncanniness of their version makes you feel like you’re listening to a ghost. A trace, an afterimage of someone forever recounting what’s happening to them.

This review has run on significantly longer than expected. That’s what happens when you get to talk about not one, but two of your favourite artists in one go.

You can find MONOMORTE here:







Genre: Witch House/Industrial/Ambient


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